Passport Comparison from 1955 to 2018

I want to compare my father’s passports from 1955 to my passport in 2018. The first picture shows the outside cover. Not very interesting back then or now.

Here is the passport that my father used in the 1950s.

My Passport

The next photo of his passport is interesting in that they put his occupation as PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER.  They also state that he doesn’t have a wife or kids.  This was issued on October 5th, 1955 – the day after the Brooklyn Dodgers won their first World Series.  My father was in New York getting his passport when they won.  He was playing with the Mobile Bears – a farm team of the Dodgers – that year.

Here’s the photo page of his passport from 1955.  I think someone incorrectly stamped the page when he returned from Venezuela in 1955 after playing there for a little more than a month.  It’s interesting that the Department of State issued the passport in NY and then the Department of Justice stamped his passport.  Some interesting advice in the pages as well.

Here’s my colorful new passport with the cool eagle.
Here is the pages that the Japanese stamped.  He arrived on October 18th 1956 and departed on November 16th.  They also recorded when he exchanged money.  On the right page is his VISA that was issued on October 4th when he would have been pitching batting practice for Game 2 of the World Series, but it got rained out.

Here are some stamps from Venezuela.  He was only there for a month and 10 days in 1955.

Here’s the return stamp issued in Hawaii from the Japan tour and his VISA for Venezuela.