My parents, Ida and Chuck Kipp, collected every newspaper article she could find about my sporting career or anything else that I did.  It is a very big collection and my son Scott has also found many articles online and in the New York Times Time Machine (if you subscribe).

Here are some of the best articles:

I started pitching with the Dodgers in 1956, but I never made it into a regular season game that year.  I did get a lot of press for my pitching prowess in Japan.  This article is from the Iola Register – a newspaper from near my home town.

When I was a rookie sensation in Montreal in 1956, the local newspaper wrote this feature article about me in French.  They had me pose in front of a piano, but I couldn’t play it at all…

During spring training in 1957, I got to pitch against the Yankees – who had beaten us in the 1956 World Series five months earlier.  I came in during the 9th inning and Mickey Mantle walked up to the plate.  I had to walk him and then got the win!

This got me onto the front page of the Sports section in the NY Times.  I liked being in the headlines with the National Basketball Tournament Championship that would eventually turn into March Madness.  North Carolina beat the Jayhawks in Kansas City in triple overtime to win the Championship over Wilt Chamberlain.


In 1960, I got traded to the Yankees and was featured with the other new players.  Roger Maris was one of the new stars and won the MVP of the league that year.

My son Scott has collected hundreds and hundreds of articles and here is the a way to access them chronologically: