Surviving Brooklyn Dodgers

The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles over 60 years ago in 1958.  With the players in their 20s or 30s during the move, they are in their 80s or 90s now.  Most of the stars in Brooklyn were veterans by the time of the move to Los Angeles.  Many of those stars have passed away, but here is a list of 14 surviving players.

Number Player Born Years Played Position
1 Bob Aspromonte 6/19/1938  56 3rd, SS, Left field
2 Eddie Basinski 4/11/1922 44-45 Infield
3 Tim Thompson 3/1/1924 54 Catcher
4 Wayne Terwiligger 6/27/1925 51 Second Base
5 Chris Haughey 10/3/1925 43 Pitcher
6 Sandy Koufax 12/30/1935 55-57 Pitcher
7 Don Demeter 6/25/1935 56-57 1st, 3rd and Outfield
8 Bobby Morgan 6/29/1926 50, 52-53 2nd, Short and 3rd
9 Carl Erskine 12/13/1926 48-57 Pitcher
10 Tommy Brown 12/6/1927 44-45, 47-51 Shortstop, Left field
11 Joe Pignatano 8/4/1929 57 Catcher
12 Roger Craig 2/17/1930 55-57 Pitcher
13 Fred Kipp 10/1/1931 57 Pitcher
14 Jim Gentile 6/3/1934 57 First Base

Another shared experience that we had was that we all had spring training together in Dodgertown when we were in the Dodger organization.  The Dodgers were unique in the number of minor league teams in the organization and how well they treated ALL of the players in spring training.  The major league players and the minor league players worked out and stayed at the old Naval Base or nearby.  This helped turn us into a cohesive group as players were moved up and down in the ranks.

The Dodger organization had a unique feel to it and we all worked together on and off the field.While many of these players just had a cup of coffee in Brooklyn like me, many of us were with the organization for many years in the minor leagues, spring training and other events.  For example, I pitched more than any Dodger on the Japan Goodwill Tour of 1956.  I also pitched batting practice during the 1956 World Series against the New York Yankees that went all 7 games.

The official site that tracks the Brooklyn Dodgers is here.

Glenn Mickens passed on July 9, 2019.

The legendary Tommy Lasorda passed on January 7, 2021.